If you are looking for Blackjack from the original Thief series you can find it here.

The Blackjack in Thief.

Tool Type:

Weapon, Melee.


Can knock out enemies, Lethal.

The Blackjack is a one of many Weapons in Thief.


The Blackjack allows Garrett to sneak up behind an enemy and knock them out. It can be handy in many different situations. If used in open combat the Blackjack can be used to block enemy blows. Upon dealing enough damage to enemies they will be forced to their knees, once in this position they can be 'finished off'. This requires the player to hold down the attack button for a short while, which will play a short animation of Garrett striking the enemy on the head.


Blackjack Damage

  • Level 1: Slightly Increases Blackjack Damage.
  • Level 2: Greatly Increases Blackjack Damage.
  • Level 3: Massively Increases Blackjack Damage.

Blackjack Counter

  • Level 1: Slightly Increases Counter Opportunity.
  • Level 2: Greatly Increases Counter Opportunity.