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The Bow in Thief


Various types of arrows


Automatically "unlocked" upon starting a New Game


Weapon (only when loaded with Broadhead Arrows, Fire Arrows or Sawtooth Arrows)






Lethal (only when loaded with Broadhead, Fire or Sawtooth Arrows)

First appearance:

Thief: The Dark Project


Firing different types of arrows for different purposes

Storable in hideout:




The Bow is Garrett's most prominent and adaptable weapon of choice in his arsenal, the bow can be utilized as both as a powerful weapon as well as a versatile tool.


The Bow is primarily used by Garrett for different purposes. The purpose changes depending on the situation Garrett finds himself in, whether it's creating a distraction to separate guards, killing guards or simply hitting special lock mechanisms on raised "bridges" along the Thieves' Highway (aka rooftops) to lower them.


Unlike other bows in this era in time, Garrett's bow is a Compound Bow which can compress down to a smaller size so as to be stored on a special mount on his back-mounted Quiver. The official art of the bow depicts it as having a faded blue/black color palette, while concept art and in-game stills show it as having a very worn dark gray body and various dark brown "patches".


Bow Balancing

  • Level 1: Slightly Reduces Aiming Time.
  • Level 2: Greatly Reduces Aiming Time.
  • Level 3: Massively Reduces Aiming Time.

Bow Shot Strength

  • Level 1: Slightly Increases Arrow Damage.
  • Level 2: Greatly Increases Arrow Damage.
  • Level 3: Massively Increases Arrow Damage.

Quiver Capacity

  • Level 1: Slightly Increases the Maximum Capacity of Arrows.
  • Level 2: Greatly Increases the Maximum Capacity of Arrows.
  • Level 3: Massively Increases the Maximum Capacity of Arrows.

Trivia Edit

  • 016068
    During the development stage for Garrett's bow, Nicolas Cantin stated that the team visited a blacksmith located in Montreal in order to receive ideas in terms of size and functionality. The original concept design for the bow, however, was considered entirely impractical and thus they utilized the feedback they had received and designed Garrett's bow to based around a more believable size and capability.
  • According to Nicolas Cantin, the bow "in itself can be as silent and deadly for the enemy, just like Garrett."
  • As part of a promotional event for the 2014 Thief, Team Fortress 2 included the weapon for the Sniper class, known as the "Fortified Compound". It's a reskin of the Huntsman achievement item, right down to it having the Huntsman's kill taunt.