Cinderfall is a main district in The City it is located across the river from Auldale, near the Old Foundry (Works) near Mourningside, Stonemarket. It is located across the North River from Dayport.

The Works appear to actually be in Cinderfall but on the edge of Mourningside but would likely have to be across the North River there as well (there is a bridge across urbanized waterway just past the gates near the Foundary).

Cinderfall is the main industrial area for the city where most of the factories are located. It was Elias Northcrest's dream to bring 'automation' to The City.

Master Eastwick was designing a new pipehouse for Cinderfall over the head of administration.

Orion planned to get rid of the factories in Cinderfall and return the City to less polluted state.


  • A map in a trailer, and also missed by quality assurance in the A Friend in Need chase scene, referred to this location as Power City, the in-game map in Stonemarket was updated to the name Cinderfall.