Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets



  1. Get to the House Of Blossoms


Loot list

57 Items (~ 944 G),

Thieving Challenges +200 Five Aerial Takedowns, +250 Lift all loot items +300 Remain Undetected +250 No Kills or Knockouts





Story RecapEdit

I stole the old book from the House of Blossoms for a man named Orion - The so-called 'voice of the people'. He thinks he can save this city. From some of the things I've seen, I'm not sure it's worth saving. Regardless, the people regard Orion favourably, Basso included, and his followers, the Graven, are growing. Still, between the Baron, the gloom, and starvation, there's not much choice.


  • This mission hearkens back to levels such as the Lost City, or The Sunken Citadel, which have Garrett exploring ancient remains of City's past under the streets. In this case the Keepers which were a major faction in the previous Thief games have now become the ancients of the past some 800-900 years after the previous games (a nod to the end of the Keepers at the end of the Deadly Shadows and the beginning of the Dark Age).
  • In some ways this level is almost a reverse version of the Song of the Caverns, with the ruins occurring at the end, rather than the beginning of the level (and a popular entertainment location involved).
  • In the Library towers section, the stained-glass windows bearing a keyhole with two crossed keys are also seen in the original Thief: The Dark Project.
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