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What is the Primal?

I once asked my father this very question. "The Primal is life," he answered with breath that reeked of opium. He always favored the pipe to the virtues of science.

But the Primal is more than "life." It is a pervasive field of energy that exists in every stone of The City, every lungful of air. The Primal is raw potential waiting to be tapped. Only those attuned to its presence can sense it, and the Northcrests are their ultimate authority.

For three generations, my family has strived to understand the Primal, to harness its energy, and to use it as a power source to fuel The City's evolution.

But where my ancestors failed, I will succeed.

Location: Northcrest Manor - Library, in one of the books on the shelf near the fireplace (use Focus to locate it)

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