Chapter 2: Dust to Dust


Basso wants a specific ring stolen from a man named Cornelius. The unfortunate gentleman in question recently died and the corpse is allegedly held at the old Vale Street Ironworks past the chapel. It's not clear why but this won't be as easy as it sounds; the place is crawling with the Baron's Watch.


  • Find a way into the foundry
  • Discover where the bodies are taken
  • Follow the path of the dead
    • Hook onto the assembly line
    • Move through the old manufacturing area
    • Find a way to bypass the security door
    • Hook back onto the assembly line
    • Find the body of Cornelius
  • Steal the ring from the General
    • Find another way into the office
    • Open the General's strong box
  • Escape the foundry

After completing the mission you will arrive at the Clock Tower 5 nights later.



71 items totaling (699g)

+250g Remain undetected (Ghost)

+200g Pick 10 Pockets (Opportunist)

+175g 10 Combat Takedowns (Predator)

+250g Lift all loot items

Loot list





Story RecapEdit

I snatched the ring Basso wanted straight from the fingers of the Thief-Taker General himself; the Baron's hound. But that doesn't give me answers. First Basso tells me I've been away from the City for an entire year and then the Queen of Beggars says I was sleeping since the beggars found my body. So why don't I remember? Maybe I have this gloom that's going around.

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