Fire Arrow
The Fire Arrow in Thief.

Tool Type:



Can be shot to set fire to objects or enemies, Lethal

Fire Arrows are a type of arrow and tool used for the Bow available at Garrett's disposal in Thief. Powder in the barrel reacts to a triggered spark upon impact creating a small burst of flame that can ignite some flammable materials. It costs 25 gold to purchase.

Interaction with Environment Edit

Fire arrows are like flying matches. They will light up things that are supposed to burn, like candles, wall mounted torches, oil puddles and gas leaks, but not furniture, wooden boxes, houses, or people/animals.

Combat UseEdit

Fire is effective against shadowy things. Two fire arrows can destroy one at normal difficulty. However, with a very limited number of these in Garret's quiver, a player may seek out more efficient uses. Fire arrows would kill anything that is standing in a puddle of oil or near an explosive barrel.

Trivia Edit

  • Listed as "PhosphorusArrow" in the game file, also next to a deleted "PhosphorusMine".