"Choose your immortality wisely, whether it be the treasure you amass, or the family who succeed you." - Advice to a Patriarch, Baron Bresling[1]

The Breslings were one of the eight Great Family Houses.


Originally, there were four noble houses ruling the City. House Bresling rose to power after the reign of House Eydark.

However, the reign of Bresling unfortunately coincided with the aftermath of a major "catastrophe" that befell the city (possibly the Great Plague in the Old Quarter). In addition, the Baron at the time was markedly absent from the City of his day, being abroad fighting a war with Blackbrook.

Both of these factors naturally paved the way for Houses Marlham and Northcrest to come to power.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The original Crippled Burrick Pub was built and established in its original location under House Bresling.
  • It was a Bresling Baron who honored Edwina Moira's dream to convert her island mansion into an asylum, which became the Moira Asylum.
    • This points to House Bresling being in power during Thief: Deadly Shadows, as the founding of the asylum would have commenced years, possibly even decades, after the events of the game.
  • While not explicitly referred to in-game, House Bresling is mentioned in the Thief Companion App, and is alluded to within the game's dating system in the use of "BRy" for events occurring before the "Northcrest Reign year" (NRy).

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