The Northcrests are a famous family in the The City, many of which have been Barons (after the Bresling dynasty ended). There have been at least ten Northcrests, and three of them have outlawed the religions of the Old Gods in their time, while the rest suppressed religion through propaganda and indoctrination.

The NorthcrestsEdit


The name Northcrest is taken from the name Northcrest Road in the Thief II.

Obediah Northcrest appears to have ruled about three generations before the present. He would have had to ruled shortly before Samias Northcrest. But disappeared while on journey.

Archibauld's exact position is the least clear. He doesn't seem to be necessarily remembered in more recent writings; he is not mentioned in the ribald poetry appears to represent several of Barons from the last few generations (Benedict, Obediah, Samias, & Harland) or given specific dates (like Barnabus, Oliver, Samias, Harland, and Elias). He could possibly be after Isaiah Northcrest (who most certainly appears to be the second baron), but before Marlham, or after Marlham but before Barnabus, or possibly after Oliver but before Benedict.

Arlan Northcrest is unknown. He is only mentioned as the subject of a painting. It is not known if he was a Baron, or simply related to the family. His name shares a similarity to Harland Northcrest minus the first H, and the last d. If he was a Baron it would then put the number of Northcrest Barons at 11. If this is the case it would suggest that one of the other barons would have to for some reason not be counted among the ten (Elias is considered the tenth Baron Northcrest).

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