This is the first mission of Thief, immediately following the events of the prologue.

City Gates

The main gate of the City.

Story RecapEdit

This isn't the City I know. I remember the accident at Northcrest Manor like it was yesterday; the ritual, taking the claw; Erin falling . . . dying. I'll never forget it. But now there's sickness in the air and death on the streets. This place was no rose-garden to begin with but it was never this bad. Everything's changed . . . and not for the better.

Description Edit

Something weird has happened and The City has mysteriously changed. It's time to find some answers and clear up what's going on. The first step is to return to the clock tower and look for clues. A sickness called the gloom is roaming the streets so the Baron's Watch has locked down The City. Getting there might be a problem.


  • Head to the Clock Tower
  • Bypass the lockdown gate
    • Find a way into the Jeweller's shop
    • Steal the Jewelled Mask
    • Exit by the upstairs window
  • Continue to the Clock Tower


  • Stonemarket - Enclosure
  • Stonemarket - Traitorsgate
  • Stonemarket - Backway
  • Stonemarket - Stonecutter's Court
  • Stonemarket - Stonecutter's Court East
  • Stonemarket - Stonecutter's Court West
  • Stonemarket - Underpass
  • Serendi Jewellers - Shop
  • Serendi Jewellers - Cellar
  • Serendi Jewellers - Residence
  • Stonemarket - Blackfurrow Alcove
  • Stonemarket - Townhouse
  • Stonemarket - Blackfurrow


60 items totaling (616) +150 Lift all loot items

+125 Remain Undetected (Ghost)

+100 Extinguish 9 Flames (Opportunist)

+75 Headshot 4 threats (Predator)

Loot list





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