This is a mapping project for the new City in the Thief reboot.

Base mapEdit

Mapping the new City base map

Based on this map: Cityprototypeart

Dayport MapEdit

Dayport District Map

Dayport District map on Basso's table. Full png

Note this is similar to the "Auldale/powercity" map show in a trailer, because it is the same map correctly labeled and orientated as Dayport/Cinderfall.

Items labeled on the Dayport map:

  1. Bridge to Cinderfall
  2. North Dock
  3. Greystone Plaza
  4. Main canal
  5. Watch Gates
  6. Theodore's Mansion
  7. Gas line supply
  8. Watch food supply warehouse
  9. Dayport City hall
  10. Dayport cemetery
  11. City general Hospital
  12. Northcrest military school
  13. Grand central Hotel
  14. Adam's importation
  15. Fish Market place
  16. National Library
  17. The Temple
  18. Smith Factory head quarter
  19. Private Children school
  20. Red light district
  21. Opium salon
  22. Locksmith shop
  23. Druggist

Other labels:
The City
District of Dayport
Watch Keep
North River
Tree point - near 11
Baron's Avenue
Dalair? Street near 18
A???? Square near 10
H??? Street near 14
Dayport's Wall
Stonemarket District

In-game mapsEdit

see: Category:Map Images



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