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Mechanical Eye
Unique Loot - Mechanical Eye Old

Journal Description

"Encased in a patina of rust, tiny gearworks and lenses form an eye-shaped machine."

This item is a collectible piece of unique loot available in Thief. It can be found during the mission "The Forsaken" in a hanging cage in the Old Prison of Moira Asylum.


The Mechanical Eye was originally presented to the Master Sneak Thief by the Hammerites when he lost his real eye to the Trickster. At some point, the thief was captured and taken to Moira Asylum.

During his incarceration, the Sneak Thief set up multiple secret caches throughout the asylum, which contained ancient coins, strange paintings, and other bits and bobs. One cache was placed in the vents just above the Old Prison area. The Archivist found one of these caches and began to hear whirring clicks, like a heart nearby. Realizing the clicks were connected to the Sneak Thief, The Archivist decided that he wanted whatever it was for himself.[1] The clicking lead him to a second cache but he never made it to the eye. It can be assumed he either perished or became a Freak.[2]

The eye can now be found in a hanging cage in the Old Prison's Reformation area, but there is no evidence as to whether the Sneak Thief died there or escaped.


  • This is one of the most iconic items from the original Thief trilogy.
  • The peg coming out of the back of the eye only appears in blueprints in a cutscene of Thief II: The Metal Age,[3] but can't be seen directly in-game.
    • This peg is presumably how the eye had attached to the Sneak Thief's ocular nerve.
  • The eye was crafted by Father Karras of the Mechanist Order.


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