The Chapel ruins above The Old Chapel

The Chapel (originally known as the Our Lady of the Iron Litany Chapel) is a almost completely demolished church building in northern Mourningside near the Stonemarket Graveyard, a gated passage opens up into the remains of The Old Chapel (the chapel underneath appears to be tied to the Keepers). But old gods related religions have been banned by three generations of Northcrests, and suppressed under the rest. The latest Northcrest decided to move forward, by destroying all remnants of the old religions for the sake of progress.

Even the dedication plaque was heavily defaced leaving only the text "Hope From Within".


  • Three of ten Northcrests banned the worship of the various old gods (The first Ulysses Northcrest, and the last Elias Northcrest, and one other).
  • The upper chapel ruins look more like the style used by Hammerites/Mechanists, while the Old Chapel underneath the Chapel has Keeper statues. Although technically both have been known to use more gothic style medieval architecture.
  • It's not clear who the Lady of the Iron Litany is, but it does seem to have influence of the Hammerite's or more specifically the Mechanists worship of iron and metal. Or she could be one of the outlawed new gods.
  • The thief reboot appears to be set in a city that is set several generations after the period that the original series was set in (in a 'Victorian'-style industrial age) 300-400 years later. Thus in this universe, the hammerites/mechanists, the pagans, and keepers have long been gone or at least driven underground.