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Queen of Beggars
App queen of beggars
The Queen of Beggars in Thief.


Real Name Unknown






Garrett - Ally
Basso - Ally





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Renne Madeline Le Guerrier

The Queen of Beggars is a mysterious and knowledgeable figure who is the leader of the Beggars and is rumoured to bear all of the hidden secrets of The City.


Almost nothing is known about the Queen of Beggars or where she came from, even her name is a mystery. In the distant past, she came to The City and took residence inside the abandoned Old Chapel (originally a hidden base owned by The Keepers), and later formed a small community named the 'Beggars', composed of the frail and poor.

The Queen is rumoured to have lived for almost as long as The City itself and thus holds many secrets and forgotten knowledge tied to The Keepers, the Old gods and even the Primal. Although blind, the Queen is believed to be more perceptive than that of the common folk, being able to see through the eyes of her beggars and even rats on the streets, suggesting the Queen bears mild telepathic abilities. 

In spite of her old age, the Queen has proven to be social, as she occasionally plays chess with the Basso and has even shared close conversations with Madam Xiao-Xiao, the owner of the House of Blossoms. Interestingly, the Queen has known the Master Thief, Garrett ever since he was a street urchin.

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Nobody really knows who the Queen of Beggars is or where she came from. What is certain is that she is old and blind and spends most of her time in and around an abandoned old chapel on the edge of town living with a community of the poor and needy. The beggars are often those most willing to share what little they have and this seems to fit the Queen perfectly, hence her unofficial title.

Although blind she seems to be able to find her way perfectly well and rumour has it that she can see more than most through the eyes of the rats and the beggars on the streets. Her manner of speaking can be abstract and confusing and she will often stare into the distance as if lost in thought.

For all her odd behaviour, the Queen is perceived as knowledgeable in city events. She is quite sociable and can be found entertaining some of the more notable gossips in The City; games of chess with Basso or close conversations with Madam Xiao Xiao are not uncommon. All over a nice cup of tea, of course.

The Queen of Beggars seems to have a soft spot for Garrett and has known him since he was a street-urchin. Garrett in turn doesn't necessarily embrace the Queen with open arms but certainly finds her intriguing and extends to her his uncommon respect.


"Do you want to make a small donation? In exchange, I'll give you points to upgrade your Focus abilities." For each donation recieved the Queen of Beggars will reward Garrett with a Focus Point. The first donation will cost you 150G and each donation succeeding it will be increased by that sum.

  • First Donation - 150G
  • Second Donation - 300G
  • Third Donation - 450G
  • Fourth Donation - 600G
  • Fifth Donation - 800G
  • Sixth Donation - 1000G
  • Seventh Donation - 1200G


"Ah, Garrett. I knew you'd return." (Upon visiting after the first interaction with her).

"Silence becomes you, Garrett but speak freely." (When interacting).

"You wish to speak with me again?" (When interacting).

"You seem to want something. What troubles you?" (When interacting).

"Come to keep an old woman company?" (When interacting).

"Until the next time. Farewell." (When donating/refusing).

"I'll see you again, I'm sure." (When donating/refusing).

"Be careful out there, Garrett." (When donating/refusing).

"I'll be here if you need me." (When donating/refusing).

"Goodbye for now, Garrett." (When donating/refusing).


  • The enigmatic Queen lives inside the The Old Chapel the ruins of a Keepers chapel. She also gives out bonus Focus Points a primal/keeper related enhancement.
  • Her identity is never given but some rumors suggest she has lived almost as long as the city and knows things.
  • She is also concerned with the balance and prophecy like the Keepers of old.
  • As a character her personality and duty of interpreting the the important things that go on in the city is similar to the character interpreter Caduca, the blind oracle of the keepers in the early games. But some fans think rather that she is Gamall from original Thief series.
  • She is similar to Vera Moray from the game Dishonored, as both are blind old women who have magic powers in a similar steampunk setting.