Shalebridge is a district of The City.


There once was a Shalebridge fire which made the day sky black with smoke, and brightened the night (it is unclear if it happened at day or night). This occurred before the current Baron Elias Northcrest was born (2-3 generations ago), under his father or grandfather. Fires, plagues and war are several of many things that the city has seen in its ancient history.


  • This is a mention of Shalebridge from the original Thief series.
  • The reference to the Shalebridge fire happening in the City's distant past may be a nod to the burning of the Shalebridge Cradle asylum metioned in Thief 3 (although its chronologically not in the same period as when the fire actually happened, or the series for that matter within the new Thief's own timeline).
  • Since Deadly Shadows, its not clear if Shalebridge is a full district/region or a sub-district within Old Quarter. It was a complete territory/ward/district in the first two games.