The Claw
The Claw (talons compressed)
Full body of "The Claw", as seen in the prologue


The beginning of Chapter 1


Weapon (only when in Erin's possession)






Lethal (in Erin's possession)
Non-lethal (in Garrett's possession)

First appearance:



Climbing tool
Weapon (in Erin's possession)

Storable in hideout:



Erin (initial)

"The Claw" is one of the many tools that Garrett can use in Thief. It is primarily used as a "grapple" gadget to scale the sides of tall structures.


The Claw is roughly the same size as Garrett's Blackjack, and features a series of retractable talons around the top along with a small metal ring on the pommel.


The Claw is primarily used to enable Erin (and later, her mentor Garrett) to climb up certain structures (such as walls) that were previously unreachable to them, through its ability to latch onto grates by its talons.

The Claw (talons deployed)

It was obtained by Garrett towards the end of the prologue after he purposefully pick-pocketed it from Erin (due to her recklessly, and coldly, killing two guards during their heist at Northcrest manor). As stated by Erin, she built it herself, and is shown frequently using it as a more lethal equivalent to Garrett's Blackjack, in addition to a traversal tool.


  • As seen in a piece of Garrett's concept art, a special holster for it (or more specifically, it's prototype "hook" design) is shown as a part of his overall outfit.
Claw holster concept

concept of the hook's holster

  • As seen in a piece of its concept art, the claw went through a number of various designs (and was formerly identified as "The Hook") before the final design (and name) was settled upon.
    • The concept art also depicts the Hook version as having a slot for a broadhead arrow. The exact purpose of this is currently unknown.

concept of the prototype (the hook) and the final version (the claw)

  • As demonstrated by Garrett in the alternate/extended version of the Out of the Shadows trailer, it can also be used in a fashion similar to a grappling hook to either traverse large gaps (such as the one between a ledge and a window) more easily, or (when latched onto a high enough ledge) to swing across large distances as a means of escape.
Daredevil mode

concept of the unused daredevil mode

  • As seen in a piece of the game's concept art, the claw (under it's original "hook" name) would've been used by Garrett as part of a scrapped "Daredevil Mode" gaming mechanic. Not much is known about this mechanic, but as described in the concept art, Garrett would have been "more athletic", "more agile", "ready to use the hook" and "faster"; this strongly suggests that, like Erin, Garrett would have had no qualms about using the claw to kill in addition to traversing the environment.
  • It is stated by Garrett (early on in Chapter 1) that the claw is "fairly quiet when used the right way" and that "Erin made [it] sound noisier than it is".
  • In the cutscene before Erin and Garrett head to Northcrest Manor, Garrett is incorrectly shown with the Claw on his right hip; this is likely an oversight as Garrett had not yet pickpocketed it from Erin.