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"The Mood inside the building is warm, and the smell of beer is all over the place, but a depressing feeling has just descended". - Nicolas Ferrand.

The Crippled Burrick is a local tavern located in the Stonemarket District, It acts as a home to many smugglers and black market dealers operating in The City underworld. The pub is currently run by 'Bill' the bartender. Most importantly Basso's safehouse is located nearby.

History Edit

The Crippled Burrick was originally established in BRy412 in Wayside. However by NRy662 during the 'great fires' which engulfed several buildings including the tavern, as a result The Crippled Burrick was subsequently relocated to the Stonemarket District positioned between Clock Tower Plaza and Mourningside.

Some time later, Basso a criminal businessman established a personal office located near the tavern's basement where through the following years he managed to create vast connections ranging throughout The City.



Crippled Burrick Pub

The Crippled Burrick

The Crippled Burrick

The Crippled Burrick Concept Art

  • During the development stage, the initial concept design for The Crippled Burrick was originally huge, however they eventually reduced the size of the tavern to be much smaller for the final version of the game. [1]
  • The developers utilised old medieval taverns as inspiration for The Crippled Burrick.[2]
  • Inside the tavern two Watch guards can be seen conversing with each other, however surprisingly they will not attack the player if approached.
  • The Crippled Burrick is a nod and reference to the Crippled Burrick Pub in the original Thief series. The reference to it having been in an original site is a reference it having been in another location in the original series.
  • The original location of the Pub is never specified in Thief 2 it is an area adjacent to Shalebridge.
  • Different views from the fans have cropped up over the years some who think it corresponds to South Quarter as that was the location of Garrett's home turf in Thief 1 (and there are no indication that he moved from the region between thief 1 and 2, and was still living in South Quarter in Thief 3), to the possibility that it was located in Old Quarter as that is where Thief 3 set the location of Shalebridge, or because of its prominent marketplace in Stonemarket or New Market. Alternatively it's possible it could have been in Stonemarket as in this game, and was simply moved elsewhere in the same district. Still others think it was Wayside. However, Ways, in ship-building, are the ramps down which a ship is pushed in order to be launched indicating its nautical roots.

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