The Drop serves as the prologue to Thief, teaching players the basics of the game mechanics, such as stealth, pickpocketing, and knockouts.


Basso warned that tonight's job was a dangerous one and to be ready for anything. Oddly he wouldn't give more details but said to go to a marked house in The City. The full instructions will be found written on a secret note hidden inside. Basso was acting strangely. Something feels wrong tonight.


  • Follow Erin
  • Reach the drop location
    • Remain silent and out of sight
  • Move through the gardens
    • Remain silent and out of sight
  • Meet Erin on the roof
    • Remain out of sight
  • Steal Erin's claw



Total: 346, does carry over in to the next mission

(Edit: Currently have 348 right before stealing Erin's claw on Thief difficulty - assuming that two gold are missing from the provided loot list, but not sure where. Could use verification, which is difficult due to inability to save during prologue.)

Loot list




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