Chapter 5: The Forsaken


  • Reach the asylum grounds
  • Find information about Erin
  • Enter the Women's Ward
  • Search for the Asylum Records
  • Move to the Treatment Wing
  • Descend to the Treatment Level
  • Access Room 3F
  • Find and Start the Power Generator
  • How to Find a Way into Room 3F
  • Descend to the Asylum's Lowest Level
  • Locate Erin's Holding Cell
  • Leave the Asylum

Mission RewardsEdit

Remain Undetected 400G

Take No Damage 300G

12 Kills or Knockouts 275G

Lift All Loot Items 350G


Loot list


Rose Brooch (Flowers Eternal)

Moira Asylum (City Heritage Plaques)

The Repulsion of Civility (Court of Montonessi)




Story RecapEdit

Erin's alive. Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better. She's spending more time in my head than I do. Seems the Primal energy's inside her and she's corrupted it somehow. That damage is still there; seeping out through the walls of Moira because of Northcrest's experiments. Is that why he took her away? There's only one man with the answers I need right now; the Baron.

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