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The House of Blossoms is a decadent, opulent and discreet brothel located in the South Quarter/Riverside district, owned by its proprietor Madam Xiao-Xiao and serves as the primarily location of the mission Dirty Secrets.

History and Geography Edit

The owner of the House of Blossoms, Madame Xiao Xiao, deals in carnal distractions, but secrets and favours are her preferred currency. Petals and Blossoms staff the House, entertaining patrons by arousing some senses... and dulling others. Guests, usually nobles or middle class, wear masks to protect their identity against gossip. Among the many prostitutes in the brothel, they find romantic company and listeners to their stories.

Services offered include extensive opium smoking, the romantic company of a prostitute, background (lyre) music, etc. Its offers are given in 'programs', one of which is called 'Indulge Your Every Desire', though the actual contents of that program are unknown. It also contains a large Opium-related device, that can be activated by Garrett to knock out all people in the building, with the exception of characters that are only visible through peepholes.

Through peepholes and by sneaking around through the building, Garrett can observe many activities, including vanilla sex, BDSM, cuddling, and rich guests telling their assigned prostitute about their experiences.

The House is located at least one layer underground in the old City, in The Hidden City's vanished quarters. It was once the compound that held the Keeper Library.