The Keep near collapse

The Keep is a tower located in Dayport and the most heavily fortified building in The City, which acts as a symbol of the Baron's industrial reign and serves as a main location in the mission A Friend in Need.

History and Geography Edit

The Keep was personally designed by the architect Theodore Eastwick, which according to him 'took the hands of a hundred men to erect' and was officially built in NRy834 to be 'In Northcrest's Name, Set The Cornerstone Of An Eternal City.'[1]

The Keep acts as the central headquarters of the City Watch and thus all Watch administration or operations are taken place there, inside the keep also hosts a prison used to hold any law-breakers or criminals. At the top of The Keep lies the legendary Great Safe which is rumoured to hold the size of a house filled with gold.


  • The Keep appears to be a similar location as Angelwatch in Thief II.
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    The Keep Blueprints

References Edit

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