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The Watch
The Watch

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'The Watch represents the modern era of The City and their propaganda is everywhere'.

The Watch (aka The City Watch, or Baron's Watch) is the law in The City, they serve as a civilian police.


It is unkown exactly when The Watch was officialy established, though originally a ramshackle orginisation, The Watch was then formed into a formidable military unit under the Thief-Taker General whom operated under Baron Elias Northcrest's rule.

Events Of Thief[]


  • Nicolas Cantin provided an introduction - 'Here is the complete family of the Baron's Watch members: the mighty force of The City. We sketched a lot of iteractions based on historical research for the Watch Faction characters. They evolve in line with their technical constraints and are a blend of military elements from the Victorian period.
  • During development the designers eventually decided to not incorporate firearms into the final version of the game in order to keep the medieval feeling present within a more advanced 'Victorian/industrial' setting.
  • The Watch are presented as less medieval in appearance than the guards from the original series.
  • The City Watch is made up of mostly former criminals, and other corrupt officials.
  • It is mentioned that this is a new City Watch put together by the current Baron Northcrest. It is apparently more corrupt, more sinister, and more cruel than old City Watch. This may be a nod to the old games in which the City Watch were never really all that important of a faction (and were for the most part fairly honorable (excepting Truart's men), actually tried to keep the peace, and clean up the crime), but in this game are one of the two major factions.