Thief comic cover

A digital comic book published by Dark Horse Comics

56 pages


In the City where the Baron rules with an iron fist, one man hide's in the shadows, watching and waiting for his moment to strike—Garrett, master thief. Learn the secrets of Garrett and his shady companions and watch as their tales unfold in the events leading up to Thief the game!

Part 1Edit

Thief comic 1 page 04 cell 5

Erin's back-story as told by Basso to the Queen of Beggars.

Trivia: Appears to have an easter egg to the ending of Thief: Deadly Shadows (with Garret grabbing Erin's wrist as she attempts to pick pocket him, but then she runs off).

Part 2Edit

Thief comic 1 page 26 cell 3

Part 3Edit

Thief comic 1 page 33 cell 1

Part 4Edit

Thief comic 1 page 49 cell 4


  • In the Companion App, there is an image for issue 2, but it is actually the image of Part 2. Which could mean that the 4 parts were to be released separately but were instead bundled.