Wayside (aka as Wayside Docks District) is a district of The City, it is a dock district. This district appears to still exist as one can find references to it on old labels from Markham's Rum in cellar of Eastwick's Grand House and other places.

Markham's Rum is bottled there.

The whore girls of Sugar Lane are said to have black smiles.

This set of docks is likely out to the ocean, rather than the river. The Riverside Docks are located on one of the Cities' rivers. This area is named after it's way and thus is likely a major ship-building district.


  • Wayside Docks
    • Sugar Lane


  • This was a district visited in Thief II (it does not appear in Thief: Deadly Shadows). It is mentioned in Thief Gold.
  • Ways, in ship-building, are the ramps down which a ship is pushed in order to be launched.